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    About Us

    Healing Hearts Counseling Service, PLLC is aware that each family is unique and has its own history and issues. Our assessment clinicians, with your assistance, will uncover the strengths and weaknesses at work within your family structure. Our counselors will work with you to enhance those strengths and improve on those weaknesses. Our goal is for your family to be as healthy and functional as possible, resulting in restored lives which brings about stronger households and companies.

    Healing Hearts Counseling Service, PLLC will strive to offer you quality mental health counseling services. Our clinical staff members are all qualified, licensed mental health professionals. Professional office staff will be available to assist you with any of your questions and all your concerns.

    Welcome to Healing Hearts Counseling Service, PLLC.!

    We truly appreciate your trust in allowing us to assist in your journey to being healthy.  Contact Healing Hearts Counseling Service with questions to start your journey towards mental wellness and personal empowerment.